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allyson e

allyson joan erwin________________________________________

tête, épaules, genoux, et orteils
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[29 Jul 2005|12:37am]

[26 Jul 2005|04:04am]
i got a new journal.
i'm tired of things.
this is not unusal

IM me (ARTBREAKERS) or email me (LIGHTNINGFACEHA@YAHOO.COM) for the username
i'll already have some of you added
find me at

[24 Jul 2005|02:05pm]
[ mood | listless ]

i hate this fighting. my hands have gone to waste.

[22 Jul 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | aftertaste ]

• clothes: an ugly shirt, a pretty bra, the same jeans i wear everyday
• hairstyle: half straightened and too short
• jewelry: a tiny black necklace
• shoes: my feet are naked
• song: aincient delay - wolf eyes

do you:
• eat a lot: lately no
• smoke cigarettes: no
• yell a lot: yeah no
• hate a lot of people: i don't think i hate anyone actually
• wear makeup: sure do
• do drugs: nope
• wear dark colors: what do you think i am? satanic?
• dye your hair: not much no

have you ever:
• kissed someone: that is disgusting.
• gotten drunk: yes
• worn playboy: what the hell
• talked on the phone more than 5 hours: i have, and it's always real late
• been to another country: mexico
• had a party with over 30 people: i've been to one but not hosted one
• taken nude pictures: fully clothed yes
• stolen something: not really
• set something on fire: yes
• cheated on someone: no
• asked someone out: no no
• had a dream, then the next day it happens: no, thank god

last person:
• you touched: my mom. wink
• you talked to: sarah
• you hugged: kelsea baby
• you instant messaged: chase
• who broke your heart: that is not important

are you:
• insecure: not entirely
• interesting: depends on the judge. i'm too used to myself
• smart: my brain is still eating
• childish: i am a child
• hard working: i like sleeping
• emotional: oh so i'm a faggot now? huh? huh
• shy: we'll see
• sexy: damn straight. i put the sex in sexist
• bored easily: no
• happy: yes
• trusting: yes
• talkative: uhh
• ignored: no
• lonely: not usually

• band(s): (lately) a silver mt zion, talking heads, and bob dylan
• color(s): white and green. red sometimes
• soda: italian soda
• music: i hate music
• stores in the mall: mr. man
• ice cream: anything but rum rasin please
• roller coaster: ones that don't fling me around like a little ...thing that is being flung around
• candy: i guess jello can be considered candy. unfaithful vegetarian candy.
• holiday: christmas
• month: ones filled with good things
• book(s): ham on rye, the philosophy of andy warhol, white oleander

in the last 48 hours have you:
• cried: no sir
• missed someone: yes well i haven't seen chase in a little bit and my mouth is a sad lonely thing
• yelled at someone: kind of
• drove somewhere: aaaa stop
• smiled: lots
• had sex: with kelsea
• kissed someone: no
• hugged someone: yes lots
• last thing you ate: IHOP

(8) this is not my beautiful house

[22 Jul 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | tired music ]

my mom was about to sit down in my room. i reminded her, we aren't friends as much as we are friendly strangers and she stepped out with a smile on her face

she shouts in her sleep. it's funny. it's funny being misplaced
i always find myself obsessed with people who never seem to care about me

[22 Jul 2005|07:45pm]
i got a new email address

lightning face. haaa

i want some e-mails because the box is lonely and naked (bad to mix)

jacket,be mine [22 Jul 2005|06:42pm]
[ mood | down alright ]

i'm not getting my camera for a little while. again.
but i went to busch gardens yesterday with 3 of my favorite people
and this is the best summer i've ever had

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